The Whirlpool Galaxy

Whirlpool Galaxy (NGC 5194, NGC 5195/ Messier 51) + NGC 5169 + NGC 5173 + NGC 5198 + IC 4263. Distance to object, approximately 23 million light-years.

1000/200 f/5 newtonian telescope
HEQ5-Pro German Equatorial SynScan Mount
Nikon D90 (5.4µ size pixels), unmodified

Magnification: 23x (~1160mm)
Pixel scale:1.10 arcsec/pixel (Original resolution)
Pixel scale:4.32 arcsec/pixel (Published resolution)
Field size :78.58 x 52.19 arcminutes (1.3096° x 0.8698°)
Exposure, Light Frames: 60x30s at iso6400 (30minutes)
Exposure, Dark Frames: 15min at iso6400
Exposure, Flat Frames: 40
Exposure, offset Frames: 100
Polar-Alignment: Yes/ fair
Auto-guiding: nope
Temperature: -15C
Elevation: >1000 meters

RegiStax5, Iris, Lightroom, Photoshop

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