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Nikon 1

Norwegian Sunset

This was taken with my now ageing iPhone 4. No Photoshop, only deliberately overexposed in the moment. Phones are so small, it almost looks as if it is outside the window.


Bottoms Up



The Sun in White Light

This is the Sun. The surface i clearly visible with Sunspots and sharp detail. The atmosphere violently blur it out, multiple integrations are therefore required. This is a composite of the sharpest 750 images out of 1450 in total. They have been aligned, stacked and sharpened in post to reveal more detail. View full-screen.

The sun is bright, even more so through a telescope. I use a filter that permit only 0.01% of the light to pass. I still use 1/1000s -1/8000s exposures. Equipment: 600 f/6 refractor, D700. Beneath, 750 frames vs one single frame. View the current state of the Sun.

Outside the Ballpark of Visible Light

This is an HDR-photo taken in the near-infrared part of the spectrum. By blocking the visible wavelengths with an IR-filter, it is possible to record some infrared light during longer exposures. The limiting factor here is the sensors lack of performance outside it’s intended use, in addition to the factory default IR-cut filter overlaying it. But with multiple exposures, ranging from 5s to 300s, added together, the result looks nice. Showing reflectivity that differs from the visible spectrum, as the colors actually continue beyond whats see-able by the human eye. For instance, the dark house in the center is actually white.


Another Awesome Long Exposure

A Composite of ~1000 individual pictures taken while driving. A photo taken every 2 seconds during a 30minute trip. This is another of those photos that illustrate what it would look like if you constantly had to see a longer time period of the world around you at the same time. I used the same car as my previous car shoot. (a Datsun 260Z 1973)

This photo was shot in 3D, below is the “Cross Eye 3D” version. (Right eye on the left image, left eye on the right, then focus) Click on the image to enhance.

This photo also work grate as a 16:9 monitor background. I might post a high-def version…

Upstream Telescope

These photos are taken looking down the aperture of a 600/100 f/6 refractor, showing the the mounted guide camera at the bottom of the tube assembly. The below one shows a focused image reflected of of the CCD imaging chip, while its taking its own exposure. A picture showing a picture being taken, literally. Used the D700 with 50mm f/1.4G and 70-200mm f2.8G to obtain these shots.